Corona out of control in England, PM announces one month Lockdown again

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Corona out of control in England, PM announces one month lockdown again

London (Saeed Niazi) Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a month-long lockdown in England to control the uncontrollable Corona virus epidemic. The lockdown will start on Thursday and continue till December 2. Addressing a news conference at Downing Street on Saturday evening, he said that all non-essential shops, restaurants and bazaars would remain closed from Thursday, but education in nurseries, schools, colleges and universities would continue, while Sunday morning Cabinet Minister Michael Gove said in an interview that he had high hopes that the lockdown would end on December 2, but that the final decision would be based on scientific evidence. The prime minister will make a statement in parliament on Monday and is expected to vote on the new sanctions on Wednesday. The Labor Party has signaled its support for the government. Prime Minister Boris Johnson also expressed the expectation in his briefing that the lockdown would last till December 2.

After which, various levels of sanctions will be imposed on a case-by-case basis. According to the key points made by the Prime Minister regarding the lockdown, people will be asked to stay at home, they will be able to go out of the house only for necessary work, if work from home is not possible, work, education, exercise. It will not be possible to meet people outside the home or in the garden to meet someone under child care, essential shopping, and volunteer help or support bubble; one person from two different families will be able to meet outside the home. Shops for non-essential items will be closed. However, they will be able to provide services under click and collect. Pubs, bars, restaurants will be closed, but they will be able to operate under takeaways and deliveries. Alcohol will not be taken away, indoor and outdoor facilities such as gym and swimming pool, etc., as well as entertainment centers and beauty salons will be closed, as well as places of worship will be closed. However, in addition to conducting funerals, they will be allowed to be used as individual worship, child care, blood donation and food bank. The construction and manufacturing sectors will remain open. Marriage and civil partnership ceremonies will not be held; up to 30 people will be able to attend the funeral. Childcare will be provided in the event of parental separation. People with health problems are advised to take extra precautions. However, they have not been asked to go to the shield. Apart from work, people will not be allowed to spend the night outside the house.

The public has been appealed to avoid unnecessary travel in public transport and private transport. Labor leader Sir Care Stammer has said that ending the lockdown on December 2 will not work unless the test and trace system is activated. He also suggested that the lockdown should continue until the infection rate falls below “one”. Helen Dickinson, chief executive of the British Retail Consortium, says the lockdown is nothing short of a nightmare before Christmas. The Confederation of British Industry has welcomed Boris Johnson’s December extension of the Furlough Scheme, which ends on October 31. Under this scheme, the government pays 80% of the salary to those who do not go to work. Confederation Director General Dame Caroline Fair Byron said the expansion of the furlough scheme was an important step and that the introduction of a large-scale test system would now be a game-challenging one. It was necessary to save the NHS from “medical and moral catastrophe”. This time Christmas will be different and difficult but it is expected that due to these restrictions we will be able to celebrate Christmas together. It should be noted that the number of people infected with Corona in the UK has exceeded one million and it has become the ninth country with more than one million affected people.

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