Activity-based teaching

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Activity-based teaching for their teaching and to improve students’ communication skills

It was noticed that in activity-based teaching, the role of the teacher is very much important. The teacher should be very active and vigilant to get the best results from the students in this kind of teaching. 88% teachers are of the opinion that they more depend on activity-based teaching for their teaching and to improve students’ communication skills. 84% perspective teachers are of the opinion that lesson planning is very much important to get good results from the students in activity-based teaching. Maintaining eye-contact and full attention of the teachers during the activity-based class is very much vital. The activeness of the teacher is required more. In other words, the training of the teachers is more important than the training of the students. If the teachers are trained and know how to deliver and conduct an activity in the class then no one will stop us to change the Education System. That is why teacher’s training is very much vital. If the teacher knows then the lesson will become interesting and it will draw the attention of the students towards the topic. Hence better results can achieved.

4.3       DISCUSSION

            Activity-based teaching is very important in learning process. The learning is enhanced when the teacher is trained and knew how to handle the class. The teachers work as a motivator and maximum results can be achieved. The role of the teacher is very much vital. Communication skills’ teaching is not as similar as other subjects. A trained and dedicated teacher is required to produce maximum results. But the this activity-based teaching can be adopted for other subjects too instead of just communication skills. The same trained teachers are required. If the teacher knows how to teach the students then the lesson becomes more interesting and the other advantage is it draws the attention of the students towards the topic. Moreover, better results can achieved and learning becomes very effective.            

  4.4     CONCLUSION

As it has been noticed from the “Summary and Findings” that teachers have the main role to perform in activity-based teaching. Because teachers have to draw different, new and interesting activities for their class so that students should participate in activity-based teaching classroom. Otherwise students will bore and the maximum results will not be attained from the class and the goal cannot be achieved. The purpose of the activity-based classroom is then of no use. The teachers should be trained and they know how to and what to do in the class.


In the light of above discussion, some suggestions are as follows:

  1. The teachers should be well trained for activity-based teaching.
  2. The teachers should be active and vigilant in the class during activity-based teaching.
  3. The teachers should communicate with the class freely.
  4. The teachers should keep an eye on every student during the activity based teaching and group discussion so that the students don’t waste their time.
  5. The teachers should focus to improve all four skills of the students in this kind of activity based teaching.
  6. All four communication skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) should be focused and it must be kept in mind that no communication skill must be neglected.
  7. Different activities like story telling etc should be used in activity-based teaching.
  8. Syllabus should be revised according to the activity-based teaching.
  9. Activity-based teaching should be given importance.


The study has analyzed that it is significant to use the activity-based teaching. It is very useful in the classroom to teach the students through Activities. Four basic and fundamental skills like listening, speaking, reading and writing should be taught to the students by using activities. This activity based method of teaching is not only useful in learning and teaching communication skills of languages but also useful in the subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics but to prove this, another separate study must be conducted. The only thing that must be kept in mind by the teachers is to form and make appropriate activities very much relevant to the topic and the subject being taught. For this purpose the trained teachers are required to draw and devise the activities. Then the desired results can easily be achieved. Furthermore another thing should be kept in mind that all the related activities should be very interesting so that the interest of the class should be kept in the mind.

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